We’re making changes to the way we operate to cut down on food waste, reduce single-use plastics and promote robust recycling practices across our business – both in and out of the sky.

Reducing single-use plastics

In 2019, we made a commitment to reduce single-use plastics by 80% by 2022. We’re well on our way to making that promise.

We use our Eco Flights and Sustainable Flights to trial alternative, greener products, measure their impact and make long-term changes to our operations.

We’re also a proud signatory of the IATA Environmental Assessment (IEnvA); a voluntary programme to improve the management of aviation facilities and operations on the ground to make them more environmentally friendly.

Read our single-use plastic policy

More tech, less waste

As part of our successful Greenliner programme, we’re trialling new technology to make flying greener and reduce waste.

Solving food waste

We partnered with Lumitics to trial the use of computer vision and machine learning to reduce food waste on our flights.

Download it, don’t waste it

We no longer issue physical cards to our Etihad Guest members.

Fuelled by food

We recycle cooking oil and convert it into fuel for our vehicles on the ground.

Less paper on our planes

We’ve replaced onboard manuals with electronic versions and rolled out E-tech logs across our fleet.

Quieter flights

Working with partners at NASA and Safran Landing Systems, our ecoDemonstrator aircraft conducted advanced aircraft noise measurements using sensors on the aircraft and on the ground.

That data was used to understand how to make flights and operations quieter, reducing the impact on communities living close to airports.

bio fuel etihad bio fuel etihad

No wasted water

We use data to precisely calculate how much water we need on board every time we fly. This also means we don’t waste a drop and helps us to reduce emissions too.

waste management waste management

Smarter waste management

The Etihad Eco-Residence, Abu Dhabi’s environmentally-friendly cabin crew accommodation, has been designed to encourage greater water efficiency and smarter waste management.