In 2019, we partnered with industry powerhouses Boeing and GE to create the Etihad Greenliner programme. Driven by knowledge sharing, innovation and technology, the programme aims to accelerate progress in sustainable aviation force change across the entire industry.

A challenge statement to the world

The Etihad Greenliner programme is a challenge statement to the world; a call to arms to transform the way we travel and reduce our impact on the planet.

As part of the Etihad Greenliner programme, we’re trialling new green technologies, including:

  • The use of sustainable aviation fuels
  • Adjusting flight paths for optimal efficiency
  • Continuous descent to reduce fuel consumption and noise

The world’s first Greeliner

The Etihad Greenliner Programme came to life when we revealed the flagship Etihad Greenliner aircraft; a bespoke liveried Boeing 787-10 and the world’s first Greenliner.

Our entire fleet of 787 aircraft has been dedicated to sustainability ever since; identifying opportunities, testing new sustainability initiatives and eco-friendly products, and challenging the industry to think and act differently.

We’re not stopping there

The Etihad Greenliner programme isn’t the only way we’re putting ourselves to the test. Through all of our test-bed programmes, we’re forcing the entire industry make real changes.


We launched our first ecoFlight back in 2019 ­– a successful, worldwide series of flying testbeds.

Sustainable Flight

Our Sustainable Flight took to the skies in 2021 and was our most eco-friendly flight in history.


We joined forces with Boeing, NASA and Safran Landing Systems to create the ecoDemonstrator a flying research station.