3 February 2016

Etihad Airways hosts workshop for Khalifa Fund and Mohammed bin Rashid establishment

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, has hosted a ‘Change for the Better’ event with the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment, to focus on the development of small and medium enterprises in the region.

The event’s aim was to promote a sustainable business environment for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and to enable them to develop their services and products.

The workshop was designed to promote interaction between project owners who are financed by the Khalifa Fund and the individual Mohammed Bin Rashid projects that are trying to build a wider network of relationships that will increase their efficiency, open new opportunities and develop business in the region.

Adil Al Mulla, Etihad Airways’ Vice President of Procurement and Supply Management, said: “As the national airline of the UAE we are committed to playing a vital role in the community through supporting SMEs across the UAE. Our cooperation with the Khalifa Fund and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment is recognition of those individual entrepreneurs. It is their efforts to showcase the airline’s best policies and practices that have promoted better contracting opportunities in their businesses.”

Mr Abdulla Al Hameli, Enterprise Development and Support Department Manager, at Khalifa Fund, said: “Etihad Airways played a vital role in supporting and enabling the fund in conjunction with the Khalifa entrepreneurs. The Fund will continue to work in order to create suitable growth and the development of SMEs across the country.

“This workshop offered a prestigious local platform to exchange knowledge and experiences and discuss the challenges facing the SME sector in emerging economies and developing countries. At Khalifa Fund, we are keen to support value-added projects as we recognise the importance of innovation in developing a knowledge society and a knowledge-based economy."

Ms. Ibtihal Naji, Director of Corporate Development at Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment, said: “We are grateful for Etihad Airways’ initiative in organising the ‘Change for the Better’ workshop. There is no doubt that the workshop had an impact on enriching the knowledge of members of the Mohammed bin Rashid Establishment and informing them about the airline’s advanced automated purchase system. This will significantly contribute to raising the efficiency of their products and services. It should also enhance their position as key suppliers to Etihad Airways.”

Photo caption: Adil Al Mulla, Etihad Airways’ Vice President of Procurement and Supply Management giving a key note speech at Etihad Airways’ workshop.

Photo caption: Part of the busy workshop organised by Etihad Airways.