Community support

Support for charities worldwide and more

Etihad Aviation Group is proud to support registered charities and non-profit organisations worldwide each year. Support, primarily given in kind, is focused in Abu Dhabi, where the vast majority of employees live and work.


To be eligible for contributions from Etihad Aviation Group, requests should:

  • Come from a registered non-profit or charity organisation.
  • Demonstrate clear objectives with tools in place to ensure effective execution, monitoring and reporting on the impact of a contribution.
  • Limit programme administrative expense to below 20 per cent of total budget.
  • Operate within those communities where Etihad Aviation Group maintains a significant business presence.

The following exclusions apply:

  • Private individuals, businesses or organisations that are not working in collaboration with a registered charity or not-for-profit organisation, for example, groups or individuals seeking assistance for personal travel, family events, conferences, learning programmes, medical procedures, sporting contests or competitions including charity events.
  • Organisations that raise funds for redistribution to individuals or organisations, for example, fundraising on behalf of a registered charity or non-profit organisation through charity events, matches or raffles.
  • Political organisations.
  • Organisations that discriminate against race, gender or religion.
  • Events, organisations or initiatives outside of the Etihad network.


All requests must be submitted a minimum of one month prior to support being required. Requests submitted later than this will be declined automatically.

If you are a registered non-profit organisation or charity and would like to submit a request for support, email