UAE national development:
A strategic approach

Etihad Aviation Group’s UAE national development strategy is underpinned by the two pillars of learning and growth and aims to provide dynamic opportunities that accelerate and develop local talent within the company as well as the country as part of Abu Dhabi’s 2030 vision.

A key priority of our mandate is to build UAE national aviation capabilities and develop Emiratis for leadership roles, embedding local talent across the Etihad Aviation Group. This is achieved through continuous assessments, open dialogue, and international and industry-specific learning, development and coaching programmes in collaboration with international educational institutions such as New York University, one of the worlds’ top international academic institutes.

Since our strategy was launched in 2007 we have seen the implementation of dedicated programmes and key initiatives such as the Revenue Accounting Centre of Excellence (GBSS) in Al Ain and the Al Ain Contact Centre.

This bespoke talent framework has allowed for continued growth and progression of our Emirati staff offering a structured and personalised approach to career development, talent management, succession planning and internal progression. 



Global presence

Etihad Airways’ goal to present Abu Dhabi to the world resonates with young UAE nationals who are proud and passionate about their country and its achievements. We place UAE nationals in all areas of the Group, making sure their roles position them at the heart of the airline business in departments such as in Operations, Sales and Marketing.

The evolution of the airline into the Etihad Aviation Group, has created even more opportunities for our UAE nationals - in Etihad Holidays, Hala Abu Dhabi, Global Loyalty, Etihad Cargo, Hala Travel Management and Revenue Accounting. A further unique advantage for UAE nationals working at Etihad Airways is the airline’s global presence, allowing Emiratis to work with multicultural teams of professionals both in the UAE and abroad. This helps young Emiratis gain valuable insights into international business practices and offers them the opportunity to experience new and diverse cultures.


The People Advisory Board

Aims to make Etihad Aviation Group the employer of choice for UAE nationals.

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Etihad Graduate Programmes

Developing and preparing future UAE national aviation leaders.

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Senior Emirati Executives

Profiles of our senior Emirati executives across the business.

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