Growing together

Support for the development of the
Abu Dhabi economy

One of our core mandates is to support sustainable growth in our home of Abu Dhabi, by contributing to a diversified economy and developing a new generation of local industry experts.

Etihad Airways

Building a national workforce

Embedding Emirati talent across the Group is part and parcel of making a meaningful and lasting contribution to the future of the UAE. Since the launch of our UAE national development strategy in 2014, the Group has focussed on equipping the next generation of UAE nationals with aviation-specific expertise.

Learning and growth are two core pillars underpinning our UAE national development strategy. Around 3,000 UAE nationals are now employed across a variety of operational and commercial functions, with many also placed in outstations around the world to ensure career growth and progression.

Key projects such as the Revenue Accounting Centre of Excellence (GBSS) in Al Ain and the Al Ain Contact Centre, have also facilitated the creation of new jobs for critical sectors of the ever-growing Emirati workforce, in culturally appropriate surroundings.

More details about our UAE national development strategy are also available on our Emiratisation page.

Etihad Airways

Diversifying the economy

We invest heavily in helping to boost tourism in Abu Dhabi. As well as global sponsorships in sports and the arts, we also support many major local sporting events and teams such as the F1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship and Al Ain FC, as well as cultural events including the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival. These sponsorships promote our values of hospitality and team work, and help in bringing the world together.

Through investment in sustainable alternative fuels, we promote the diversification of the economy from fossil fuels towards sustainable energy sources.

Wherever possible, we support local suppliers and help build capacity for small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs). We hold workshops in which local businesses can present new and innovative ideas for collaboration.

Etihad Airways

Supporting youth

We are passionate about the future of the next generation. UAE youth are a vital pillar of the country’s development, and we are committed to empowering them with knowledge and resources to ensure a sustainable future for the nation.

As well as our robust Emiratisation strategy, we support numerous initiatives to promote youth development. As part of a three-year milestone agreement, we are a corporate supporter of the Emirates Foundation and its youth-focused programmes. Outreach to local schools and universities, student competitions as well as working with several education and literacy charities.