Our plan for supporting our people,
our communities, and our planet

Etihad Aviation Group (EAG) takes a holistic approach to sustainability.

Our sustainability agenda follows the triple bottom line approach to ensure social, environmental, and financial sustainability for the business. That means better use of the planet’s scarce resources, a better impact in our communities, and better economic growth.  We are aligned with national priorities and the global Sustainable Development Goals, to ensure that we focus on issues of global significance that are relevant regionally and can be addressed locally, in our own way.

Our agenda is coordinated at the Group level, to ensure a cohesive programme of initiatives across all subsidiaries.

Our initiatives are conducted within the ‘Together’ sustainability framework, which we created to align with national policy and concentrates on doing business in a way that adds value to our employees, communities, and the planet. 

Our latest sustainability review highlights some of our key actions and results and can be found here. All our reports are found here.

Growing together

Support for the development of the Abu Dhabi economy and workforce.

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Greener together

Commitment to minimise our environmental impact.

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Working together

The development and well-being of our diverse employees.

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Giving together

Contributions to charities and humanitarian relief.

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