A global aviation and travel group comprising of seven divisions


Chief Financial Officer Andrew Macfarlane

The Finance division is responsible for the management of all financial matters at Etihad Aviation Group.

The division provides financial leadership and oversight of key financial operating and strategic functions, and supports the achievement of the Group’s financial goals and strategic initiatives.

The division drives shareholder value creation and improves cash flow and operational performance. Balancing compliance and risk management with the achievement of business performance goals, the Finance team provides rigor, discipline and critical thinking to the company’s strategic planning and decision-making processes. An implementer and drive of change, the Finance division promotes financial literacy and discipline throughout the organisation.

Human Resources & Organisational Development 

Chief Human Resources & Organisational Development Officer Ibrahim Nassir

The division supports Etihad’s strategic and operational agenda with a centralised HR delivery model focused on customer service and employee engagement. With a growing focus on transformation and digital technology, the team are also driving the adoption of cloud-based HR systems and working to build a mobile-enabled workforce.

HR and Organisational Development includes several departments looking after Etihad’s greatest asset – its people. These teams cover medical services and wellness, learning and development, HR services, talent acquisition and UAE national development - a core part of our mandate. 

Our UAE national development programmes are targeted at building local aviation capabilities to embed Emirati talent across the group. To find out more, visit  our  Emiratisation page. 


Chief Operating Officer Mohammad Al Bulooki

Operations is Etihad’s largest division with over 16,000 employees and includes flight and fleet operations; pilots and cabin crew; airworthiness and maintenance; and network operations. As well as global airport handling services, the division also manages all passenger, cargo and catering services at Etihad’s home base of Abu Dhabi through its wholly-owned services company, Etihad Airport Services, and Etihad’s airport catering company.

Etihad Aviation Training (EAT) – a world-class aviation training organisation – also sits within the Operations division. It boasts world-class training facilities in Abu Dhabi, including full flight simulators and a training school in Al Ain. EAT holds both GCAA and EASA training organisation approvals and provides training for a large number of other airlines and training companies across the world, as well as for Etihad Airways.  

The Operations division follows a robust, efficient and progressive model to pursue ongoing investments in people, technology and infrastructure. Based on the principle that those that deliver the operation should also deliver the service, the Operations division ensures that safety and service remain mutually assured. 


Chief Commercial Officer Robin Kamark

The Commercial division encompasses three core pillar departments which drive the commercial strategy of Etihad Aviation Group: planning and enabling, brand and customer experience, and revenue and cost of sales.

Within the planning and enabling department, our Innovation Lab is a hothouse of digital and big data capabilities. This is where we develop transformation projects, all of which inform and advance our commercial and sales strategy.

The brand and customer experience team devise all aspects of the experience that our guests choose to have with Etihad. From the design of cabin interiors and inflight products, to interactions with us through our marketing and social media channels, as well as our Contact Centres, our team deliver innovative and valuable choices and solutions to our guests.

The revenue and cost of sales pillar includes destination and leisure management, sales, distribution and revenue management, network planning, and our work with partners and alliances. Our cargo and logistics division comprises Etihad Cargo, Etihad Secure Logistics Services, and Etihad Global Cargo Management Company.

Overall, our commercial goals are to offer choice and value to our customers. We consistently measure our brand health and customer satisfaction scores to ensure we deliver against this. Our ultimate objective is to drive acquisition, revenue and retention contributing to the development of Abu Dhabi as a commercial, tourism, and logistics hub.


Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

Chief Engineering Officer Abdul Khaliq Saeed

Etihad Engineering is the largest MRO service provider in the Middle East. From a state-of-the-art facility adjacent to Abu Dhabi International Airport, we offer industry leading aircraft maintenance and engineering solutions to a host of global customers as well as Etihad Airways. 

Etihad Engineering is approved by major aviation authorities including the GCAA, FAA and EASA, and holds EASA’s Part 21J Design Organisation Approval for major cabin design and modifications (STCs) as well as Part 21G Production Organisation Approval to produce cabin parts. 

The company’s comprehensive service portfolio ranges from heavy maintenance and complex modifications to connectivity and component services on Airbus and Boeing aircraft and is a Centre of Excellence for the 787 Dreamliner and A380 as well as a founding member of the Airbus MRO Alliance (AMA). The Abu Dhabi facility also houses the Middle East’s first commercial flammability test lab in collaboration with Lantal Textiles AG. 

Situated at the heart of one of the world’s most prolific aviation growth markets, Etihad Engineering and its differentiating customer focus is spearheading Abu Dhabi’s vision of being a global aerospace hub and playing a crucial role in supporting economic growth and diversification in the UAE. 




Chief Transformation Officer Akram Al Alami

The Transformation Office was created in July 2018, charged with developing and executing the group’s corporate transformation strategy. As a division, it is responsible for setting the transformational direction of the group, leading and managing change and working across divisions to ensure delivery of objectives and complex programmes. 

The division focuses on four key areas: operational, financial, structural and cultural change, whilst also managing and validating the reporting process of transformation projects. 

The aim of the division is to help create an aviation business that is driven by innovation, safety and sustainability; one that supports Abu Dhabi’s vision for the future and focuses on its people.

Digital & Innovation

Chief Digital Officer Frank Meyer 

The Digital & Innovation division is responsible for all aspects of digital, innovation and technology, as well as planning, developing and operating the infrastructure and application portfolio for the whole Group.

In line with the Group’s aspiration for a superior digital experience at all touchpoints, the division develops websites and apps for our internal and external customers.

Digital & Innovation works with various incubators and start-ups to bring leading-edge technology and concepts into the Group and works with all key divisions to streamline and digitise processes in the front and back office.