Our responsibility programme has been built on four key pillars: humanitarian aid, global education initiatives, safe and stable housing for children in need and empowerment through development.

As the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, and a prominent airline in the global aviation community, we are focused to supporting community and charity initiatives at home in the UAE and across our network, including in times of disaster.

We support several local and international charities, including the Emirates Red Crescent who are a key partner.

Recognising our staff’s commitment to charity, there are several corporate volunteering programmes to provide opportunities for local and international community engagement. Our staff regularly gather to raise funds and awareness for causes that are meaningful to them, and also take the initiative to volunteer with local charities independently.              

We are committed in supporting relief and recovery efforts to strengthen communities after disasters, and donate our own assets as well as engaging our guests through advocacy and awareness.

Our four-part CSR pillar framework outlines our responsibility to the communities and maximise the impact of our contribution and provide optimal benefit to the beneficiaries:


Etihad Airways

Humanitarian Aid

This initiative focus to promote relief efforts and alleviate suffering of  individuals who deserve our unwavering commitment and support. During the last nine years, Etihad has supported refugees and underprivileged people based in Greece, Serbia, Bosnia, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Etihad Airways

Global Education

This initiative builds on Etihad’s efforts to promote education in various parts of the world, renovating schools and providing education supplies across India, Kenya, Lebanon, Serbia, Greece, Morocco, Egypt, Hong Kong, Philippines, Yemen, Bosnia, Uganda, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Since the launch in 2013 we helped pave the way for brighter future for more than 140,000 children across the globe.

Etihad Airways


An initiative to offer safe and stable shelter for disadvantaged children and provide them with opportunity to improve their living conditions. Our objective is to provide a decent living for children so that they can carry on their education journey, and secure a better future.

Etihad Airways


An innovative initiative that seeks to develop professional and vocational skills of women, people of determination and other underprivileged communities. These initiatives aim to strengthen their position as active members of society and offer them a window into a better future.


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