We’re proud to have joined forces with Boeing and GE in a strategic, global eco-partnership to create our Greenliner Programme. Together, we’re challenging the norms and making the aviation industry more sustainable.

To greener skies … and beyond

An exciting feature of our sustainability strategy, our Greenliner Programme tests new green technologies, including the use of sustainable alternative fuels (SAFs) and eco-friendly in-flight products on our Dreamliner fleet, with a specially-themed Boeing 787 at the helm.

And we’re not stopping there; our entire workforce is committed to finding sustainable alternatives to everyday business practices. We're working hard to improve our overall operational and fuel efficiency through carbon-focused initiatives and product changes.

Etihad eco-flights

From electric tractors for baggage and freight loading, to optimised flight route planning and continuous descent, we use our eco-flights to trial, develop and calculate the impact of a number of different changes.

Operating on our Boeing 787s and innovative Etihad Greenliner, our eco-flights have a significantly lower impact on the environment. On average, they consume 15% less fuel, follow an optimised flight route and reduce the amount of single-use plastic on board.

Our eco-flights are also an exciting opportunity to trial innovative and eco-friendly products. We use our flights as a platform to challenge local and global suppliers, and to champion those which step up to the plate.


Eco-flight to Brussels

Eco-flight to Brisbane



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